An Australian Holiday Base

Welcome – and thank you for visiting Wonderland, the premier tourism publication in Australia’s Blue Mountains.  We’ll give you a wealth of service, sightseeing and Blue Mountains accommodation information, features, images, regional recipes and podcast conversations with Mountains people – everything you need to plan your holiday and get a real feeling for this unique region.  Located just west of Sydney, it makes the perfect base for international visitors.  Pick up your hire car at Mascot Airport, set the GPS and you’ll be putting your cases down around 90 minutes later, ready for a defining Australian experience.  Pop down to Sydney and back in a day, or allow shopping time there on your outward journey;  drive on easy road links to nearby destinations like the Hunter Valley and Canberra;  or just stay here with us and enjoy clean air, stunning views, great food and friendly welcomes.

An Established Aussie Destination

The Mountains have been popular as a holiday destination for Australians, too, for a century and more.  From Sydney, you can drive to a different world, and back home again, on half a tank of fuel.  Australia’s Blue Mountains offer unsurpassed natural attractions and scenery.  Over many millennia the unique geology has created some of the world’s most breathtaking vistas – grand escarpments, majestic valleys, exquisite waterfalls and astounding rock formations.  The earth’s striking natural features are matched by our flora and fauna, which includes many species unique to the region as well as kangaroos, wombats and prodigious Australian birdlife easily seen in natural habitat.  Check the magazine for road, rail & coach links and service information;  (links to ‘read wonderland’ page reader). for more information.  Wherever you’re coming from, we’ll make you welcome.

A Defining Australian Experience

Perhaps nowhere else on the Australian landmass will you find such a remarkable balance of European-based tradition, relaxed Australian companionship and Aboriginal heritage and dignity.  An ancient culture still permeates this timeless region in its place names, landforms, legends and contemporary indigenous art.  Blue Mountains people know exactly why they live here.  Supporting sustainability and sophistication, their values rest on quality of life, tolerance and creativity.  Things move a little less speedily than in the city, which leaves more time for real conversation and the easy Australian humour.  In the pages of Wonderland, on this website and in the people of the Mountains, you’ll discover the balance that makes this place unique.  That’s why we believe that whether you choose a 5-star or a backpack visit, this is where you’ll find not just the sights and sounds but the soul of Australia.

Nature, Arts, Heritage, Indulgence

The quality of brand hallmarks is why Australia’s Blue Mountains are nationally and internationally recognised in ways that enhance every visitor’s experience.  Our World Heritage Listing protects eight forested areas of unique eucalypts and evolutionary relics species.  The regional Cittaslow accreditation recognises a sustainable, community-based lifestyle.  An official ‘NSW City of the Arts’, the Mountains are home to artists and galleries of major worth servicing an impressive overseas market.  Natural beauty, clean air and genuine seasonal change make this the perfect location for corporate conferencing and team development, with colonial and indigenous heritage adding yet another fascinating dimension for visitors.  Relax and indulge, if that’s your preference, with fine food, gift shopping and superb Day Spa services.  Things move just a little more gently here, as we believe they should, and your Blue Mountains visit will ensure a complete and unforgettable Australian experience.

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